uuDrawing inspiration from Jesus Christ, the Supreme Teacher, protection from our Lady of Mount Carmel and direction from our foundress Mother Veronica and expressing solidarity with all people, Mary Immaculate School envisages the building of a God oriented Educative Community to develop them as the Precious Human  Resource of our Society.


In the spirit of the Charism of our Foundress, Mother Veronica and the guidance provided by the Apostolic Carmel Pioneers in Education, the mission of this Institution in collaboration with the staff is :-

  1. Living and witnessing to the Gospel values, in particular, of faith in the Creator, love for all people, justice, peace and collaboration, concern and sisterly approach in all our ventures and academic pursuits;
  2. Fostering a sense of concern for people of all religions, castes under the embrace of  the Fatherhood of God, the source of all life;
  3. Promoting the holistic development of all the students of this institution with specific focus on their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and aesthetic growth;
  4. Striving towards academic excellence in education in order to show the way to our students and the public the value of quality in all our pursuits;
  5. Pursuing catering to the needs of all the students, mainly the girl students, to enhance their self worth and self image and with a special focus on the Christian students to build their Faith and of the marginalized and disadvantaged students to empower themselves in our society;
  6. Sustaining the harmony between Creator of nature and humans by working towards protecting and preserving our environment;
  7. Working towards guarding and upholding the human rights of all people through its practice on the campus and efforts to inculcate these values  in the staff, students and the parents;
  8. Upholding values of healthy and honest personal and family living and respect for life through opportunities for choosing aright in all circumstances.